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The New Motion?

onthullingFounded in 2009 in Amsterdam, Netherlands by people who are passionate about the opportunity to enjoy life without negatively impacting the world around us. We believe the time has come to transport ourselves in a new way. Mobility powered by renewable energy is no longer the property of the future. It is ours – now! The New Motion believes we all have a right to fun, comfort and fulfillment in our lives and that we have an opportunity to achieve this without a cost to ourselves or to the world around us. We’ve expanded to Germany and Belgium.

It’s time for feel good mobility; it’s time for The New Motion!

What does The New Motion do?

The New Motion offers every person unlimited mobility in its cleanest form. Everything we do is rooted in this goal. The New Motion promotes mobility powered by renewable energy by making it affordable, and showing that it’s cool, fun and fast. We operate a national charge network of intelligent and fast chargers: The New Motion network , which drivers can access with just one charge card. If you, as a person or as a company, want to drive an electric car today, The New Motion can help you with information about cars and financing (lease, insurance & subsidy application). We can also provide you with a lolo smart load location, upkeep, car sharing and much more.

lolo smart open

lolo smart – The New Motion’s charging solution

So if you drive an electric car, you’ll need an intelligent and safe way to charge. Together with Alliander we developed a smart charging station, the lolo smart. With the lolo smart you can charge your electric vehicle safely. Its connection to our back office (via my.thenewmotion.com) makes settling the costs for power usage with your employer easy.

Fast-charging network

The New Motion is establishing a fastcharge network in The Netherlands, making electric driving convenient for our 2000+ members. The New Motion offers fast-charging subscriptions for a small subscription fee per month, plus a small cost per session. To find out where all the fast-chargers are in The Netherlands, visit our partner: www.oplaadpalen.nl

Cars that love to load

We’ve partnered up with several car brands, and have put together service packages for their electric vehicles. Go to our car overview to see what you get with your car. It might just include our lolo smart! Is your car brand not there? Then there is no partnership with this brand yet. Of course you can still always contact us when interested in a lolo smart, becoming a member of The New Motion network with The New Motion’s charge card, or utilise any of our other services!

Helping you and your company make the switch to electric mobility

Besides charging solutions, we also offer the following services:

  • The New Motion’s charge network
  • Smartphone apps that show you where the load locations are, if they are available and if it’s a smart or a fast forward lolo
  • General advice about the EV’s available and the ones which are coming soon
  • Subsidy applications

Contact us, we’re making things happen!